Building Performance Indicators – the solution for sustainable property management

The Building Performance Indicators measure the environmental and energy efficiency of buildings, their life-cycle costs, and also occupant well-being.

The Building Performance Indicators reveal true building performance with simple, easy-to-read key indicators that can be used to support your organization’s strategy, operations management, and public relations.

Thanks to these indicators, which have been developed with experts in the field, there is now a transparent, coherent way of assessing the environmental efficiency of a property and ensuring that working methods truly follow sustainable development principles. These new indicators can also be used as a guideline for future building legislation, which seldomly takes a stance on carbon footprints. To ensure the best results with previous work, the indicators are compatible with many existing, statutory and voluntary tools for assessing environmental efficiency.

The Building Performance Indicators are a suitable tool for a building’s pre-design and occupancy phases, offering a consistent approach to measuring, managing, and developing properties. Their practicality, helpfulness, and quality have already been tested on several projects and buildings, with great user satisfaction. These eight indicators were developed by Green Building Council Finland with broad cooperation with actors in the real estate and construction industries and they are based on the European CEN/TC 350 family of standards. The indicators are suitable for anyone working in the industry and are free to use by all.

What you measure, you can manage and develop

National building legislations rarely take a stance on the carbon footprints of buildings or define the maximum energy consumption permitted – despite the fact that it is recognized that in developed countries, buildings and real estate constitute about 40% of our energy consumption and 35% of our emissions. It has been proven that following sustainable development principles brings in savings in maintenance costs, boosts worker efficiency, and increases profits from rent for the property owners. However, achieving these benefits is not always straightforward and in some cases it can be hard to connect profits specifically to a sustainably developed project. This is why the planning of sustainable solutions needs to start as early in the project as possible.

At this moment, there are over 250 different indicators and classification systems that measure the environmental impact of buildings in the world. The greatest problem with these indicators and systems is that the results are not compatible with each other, which is a consequence of different national initiatives and measuring methods without any common, agreed-upon standards.

The Building Passport – all you need in one place

The key indicators measured by the Building Performance Indicators can easily be presented in the Building Passport, either for the pre-design or occupancy phase. The Passport is an accessible, visual tool that presents the key indicators in environmental efficiency, along with images and the basic facts of the property. This convenient information package can be used to support decision-making in sustainable development projects.