Green Building Council Finland

Sustainable development has been the emphasis of the real estate and construction industries in Finland at an increasing rate. Actors in these fields saw the need for more cooperation and a set of common practices to follow within the industry. To fulfill these needs, Green Building Council Finland (GBC Finland) was founded on April 19th 2010.

The association brings together knowledge and expertise in sustainable development and also represents its members in the field both domestically and internationally. GBC Finland is active on all levels of sustainable development and its life-cycle. The key focus of GBC Finland is to encourage and advance the use of practices and methods that support sustainable development in the built environment. It also functions as a platform for dialogue and the sharing of information and know-how in the industry.

The association is Finland’s connection to the international Green Building Council-network. The national Green Building Councils around the world are non-profit, non-governmental organizations that promote sustainable building practices.

Information and collective development

GBC Finland strives to make the aspect of sustainable development a natural part of both the real estate and construction industry. Taking energy and environmental efficiency into account yields significant benefits for the owners, investors, users, builders, and developers of the Finnish built environment.

GBC Finland promotes new and innovative solutions and offers impartial information and studies to be used by the member organizations in their decision-making. The association provides its members with training in sustainability, information services, and development. GBC Finland also brings a national perspective on how to adapt international environmental certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM, to Finnish real estate.

Impartial cooperation to promote sustainability

Professional real estate owners, developers, occupants, providers of facilities and user services, planners, designers, contractors, and commercial and industrial enterprises can apply for membership in Green Building Council Finland. The association has 29 founding member organizations and is lead by a board of six members.

GBC Finland works in collaboration with other advocates of sustainable development in the real estate and construction industries.

The World Green Building Council-network

Green Building Council Finland and the other 92 Councils belong to the worldwide Green Building Council network, which includes 25,000 member organizations. This network has approximately 700 employees and over 300,000 volunteers through its member organizations. This network has already trained hundreds of thousands of professionals in sustainability in the built environment.

For more information on World Green Building Council, please visit and see this short introductory video.