The challenge is not easy: Let’s make the Nordic region the most sustainable built environment in the world. Or is it a challenge at all?

Nordic’s Green Building Councils joined forces three years ago, upon realizing that boarder-crossing exchange of expertise is the key element for improving environmental efficiency in building stock. Share of best-practices and know-how, in addition to crowd-sourcing with the forerunners of green built environment has happened twice in the form of Nordic GBC Conference. This time it’s Helsinki’s turn.

Joint Nordic conference brings hundreds of experts into Helsinki’s Cable Factory

The Nordic GBC Conference, 31.1.-1.2.2013 (Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki) introduces the best examples for upgrading the existing – while being inside an old industrial facility of Nokia. From office building refurbishment to block scale redevelopment, the building experts of Northern Europe will showcase the national flagships of designing sustainable buildings and renovating the existing. As buildings are a long-term investment and daily workplace for thousands of employees, it is important to comprehend to financial elements and impacts of sustainable built environment. Not the forget the wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity of occupants – and other social matters.

Building owners and users should also acknowledge the form of energy (and the amount of it!) consumed. The most advanced are even thinking outside the box and realizing the potential of sophisticated building systems and smart grids. Sustainable buildings take an intelligent approach to energy and building’s linkage to surrounding communities. The conference explains how.

Nordic renovating projects setting the standards for green buildings & real estate

Conference plenary sessions and keynotes offer best-practices and well-examined cases of redesigning our building stock and built environment. Examples & speakers in the two-day conference include

  • Tenant driven upgrade of an existing office building (Grenseveien 7, Norway)
  • A prize winning icon low dense building area from the 60’s with 2181 industrialized build homes (Albertslund south, Denmark)
  • Royal Seaport Stockholm: Comprehensive smart grid project (Fortum Sweden)
  • Design with Knowledge – Signe Kongebro (Henning Larsen Architects)
  • Sustainable asset management: Existing buildings and retrofit challenge – Frank Hovorka (Caisse des Depots)
  • Developing Large Portfolio – Philip Buttery (International Sustainable Alliance, ISA)
  • Lifecycle Approach in Offices and Green Contracts – Laura Varpasuo (Nokia)
  • amongts 20+ others.

Nordic GBC Conference offers also 9 workshop options. Each workshop includes 2-3 presentations with brainstorming session. Check the workshop options here.

Sustainability Indicators for Buildings & Other Finnish Solutions

Quest for the sustainable built environment in Nordic countries has led to many local initiatives and innovations. GBC Finland will publish at the conference Sustainability Indicators for Buildings, which have been under development since 2011. These indicators can be communicated with Building Passport, which  is one example in the conference session “Sustainable Finnish Solutions”. Other Finnish examples include

  • WWF Green Office
  • Renewal of Meilahti Hospital
  • Smart and Sustainable Student Housing: Hoas Lab
  • amongst others.

There are sustainable examples in Helsinki region that might interest you. Conference has four excursion options, showcasing the pilot projects existing in the capitol city. Learn more here.

Nordic Countries Leading the Way

Nordic countries have done co-operation since the 1950 and 60s, when the region’s five countries established and joined Nordic Council. Nowadays the Nordic forum caters also partnership and solutions for the pursuit of sustainable built environment. Similar climate and environmental circumstances, with similar regulatory and steering mechanism create a natural grounds for effective collaboration between the Nordic construction & real estate sectors.

Welcome to join our community and put your hands on existing, concrete solutions!

Nordic Green Building Councils’ Conference 31.1.-1.2.2013
Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

Antti Lippo works at GBC Finland and is impressed with the expertise encountered during the conference production. He’s looking forward to having the green enthusiast from Northern Europe assembled at the Conference Dinner Party, enjoying Finnish cuisine and Thursday night’s sounds. Get together and boogie!

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