Green Building Council Finland

Interactive Briefing – Alignment of Level(s) and national certification schemes: Opportunities of using a common Level(s) conform reporting template

16.6.2021 | 11.00–12.30

Event hosted by DGNB and CGBC

After the publication of the updated Level(s) framework, a detailed mapping of Level(s) and the national certification schemes has taken place within the LIFE Level(s) project and a common reporting template has been developed that allows practitioners to report all Level(s) indicators in a uniform way helping to establish a standard within Europe.

The project consortium will present their experiences with the developed mapping procedure and reporting template and the alignment of Level(s) with their certification schemes. Green Building Council members and certification scheme operators are kindly invited to give their feedback and discuss the challenges and opportunities of Level(s) integration and regarding the use of a common Level(s) conform reporting template.


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Project background:

The LIFE Level(s) project, funded by the LIFE Programme is carried out by eight GBC’s with a purpose of integrating Level(s) indicators such as Lifecycle Assessment (LCA), Lifecycle costing (LCC) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) into Europe-wide certification schemes and national public procurement practices.

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