Brysselin Level(s) -konferenssissa hiilijalanjälki keskiössä

Euroopan komission Level(s) viitekehysjärjestelmän pilotoinnin tuloksia esiteltiin Brysselissä 20.2.2020. Tilaisuuteen oli kutsuttu pilotoijia ja eurooppalaisia Green Building Counceleita, jotka monessa maassa tukivat ja organisoivat pilotointia.

Tilaisuus käytettiin muutenkin hyväksi ja GBC:den Eurooppaverkosto järjesti oman kokouksensa ja LifeLevel(s) hankkeen konsortio piti oman tapaamisensa seminaarin yhteydessä. Tässä Kroatian GBC raportti aiheesta:

Kroatian GBC:n Dean Smolar ja Benjamin Petrović huolehtivat LifeLevel(s) hankkeen viestinnästä

ERN Meeting and Level(s) Conference; Brussels 19th and 20th February 2020

On the 19th and 20th February 2020, Brussels hosted two major events. The first is the European Regional Network Meeting themed “2020: The Year of LCA”. On the next day, the European Commission hosted a conference under the name “Reflect, Debate, Advise – Get Level(s) right”.

Along with the ever needed exchange of intelligence, ideas and interaction among various stakeholders, the common denominator of both events was Level(s), still developing EU’s reporting framework to improve the sustainability of buildings. Additionally, the events were an opportunity to present the new LIFE Program funded project led by 8 established GBCs called Life Level(s), including Croatia Green Building Council.

The main idea of Life Level(s) is to mainstream sustainable buildings in Europe through aligning certifications, skills, and public procurement with LCA, LCC and IAQ components of Level(s). On the first day, GBCs involved in the project presented the benefits of the project and options for interested stakeholders on how to engage in reaching the project outcomes. Also, Network members analyzed the state of market and policy regarding LCA initiatives and as a prelude to the second days’ conference, discussed the feedback on the ERN’s position paper on the Commission’s public consultation on Level(s).

The idea of the “Reflect, Debate, Advise – Get Level(s) right” conference was to present the results of the Level(s) testing phase, survey responses, and enable the participating stakeholders to help shaping the future of Level(s) via sharing opinions, suggestions and best practices.

Both events were executed with success and a plethora of viable comments and experiences stemming from each respective days of work. Moreover, as Level(s) keeps developing and being tested, the idea is for the Life Level(s) project to succeed in line. With many positive feedbacks received, it can be noted that all the participating stakeholders and parties indeed “Got Level(s) right”.

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