Better together

Global cooperation is at the core of our work. Our networks enable sharing a vast amount of experience and expertise.

World GBC

Green Building Council Finland is part of the worldwide Green Building Council network of more than 70 Councils. Together we want to transform the places we live, work, play, heal, and learn.

Our link with the WorldGBC global network gives our members unique access to international best practices, global projects, and international events.

As a testimony of our active involvement in WorldGBC operations, we were granted the Established Green Building Council Membership in 2016. Established members are the most effective members – those delivering impactful and measurable green building programmes on a national scale.

Green Building Council Finland’s former Chairman of the Board Ilari Aho, Vice President of Uponor Corporation, is a member of the World Green Building Council’s Board of Directors, a highly influential group of global leaders on green building in the building and construction industry.

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Europe Regional Network

Our closest GBC family is the Europe Regional Network (ERN), a community of 24 national Green Building Councils, 8 Regional Partners and more than 5 000 member companies across Europe.

WorldGBC Regional Networks are collaborative platforms where Green Building Councils can effectively exchange knowledge, generate new ideas, and design solutions that speed up green building in their own markets and across the region, often through regional-specific projects.

Even though there is a growing market for sustainable buildings in Europe, more work needs to be done to ensure that sustainability is embedded across the whole sector value chain. The ERN’s mission is to make this happen by leveraging the power and knowledge of our network to transform the European buildings market.

Each Regional Network works on various projects that enable Green Building Councils to accelerate their efforts nationally and regionally. These projects are chosen by Green Building Councils regionally, and are based on strategic priorities set out by the Network, the number of Green Building Councils that can engage, and the impact that can be achieved.

Nordic Collaboration

The Nordic GBC Network consists of our closest neighbours: GBC Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Together we have arranged three Nordic Green Building Council Conferences in 2011, 2013 and 2015. In 2014-2015 the Nordic GBC’s collaborated on two projects. In Nordic Urban Development we created a joint Nordic framework for sustainable urban development, with the aim of at least 40 urban development projects using it for sustainable urban development in 2016. The other project we constructed was the Nordic Guide to Sustainable Materials, a guide relevant for both refurbishments and new buildings.