Green Building Council Finland

Level(s) webinar on the eLearning programme and calculator tool

1.12.2022 | 10.00–11.45

What is Level(s)?

Level(s) is an EU assessment and reporting framework that provides the basis for including lifecycle thinking and circularity in building projects as well as policy. The framework creates a common language for a variety of actors and is part of the Renovation Wave, providing guidance for users to apply circularity principles in new built and renovation projects.

Level(s) uses core sustainability indicators, tested by the building sector, and provides a robust approach to measure and support improvements from design to end of life.

The Level(s) framework:

  • Is based on a method tried and tested across the EU and underpins future EU policy.
  • Ensures future proofing of buildings as it tracks performance throughout the full life cycle.
  • Brings minimum numbers of indicators with maximum leverage to deliver sustainability.

Join us to deepen your understanding of how to use Level(s) for measuring performance at every life cycle stage, hands on!

This webinar on Thursday 1 December, from 10.00 to 11.45 CET, is hosted by the European Commission (DG ENV). The webinar will help you:

  • Understand how the eLearning course can get you ready to start using Level(s) in your working environment.
  • Learn how the Calculation and Assessment Tool (CAT) will simplify the process of completing your sustainability performance assessments using Level(s).
  • Get your questions answered during the interactive sessions.

Please note: this webinar is repeated and follows the same agenda as the session held on 3 June this year. It is intended primarily for those who could not attend the first session, but all participants are welcome.

Register your place and download the agenda.