Green Building Council Finland

Shows direction and helps along the way

Green Building Council Finland (FIGBC) is a non-profit association of sustainable built environment. Our members represent the entire built environment, throughout the value chain and life cycle.

Our vision is a real estate and construction industry that succeeds within planetary boundaries.

Our mission is to lead the change of sustainable development in the real estate and construction industry together with our members.

Our Theory of Change

Our industry plays an essential role in solving the world’s sustainability crises. Energy transition and circular economy are the keys to solving the double crisis of nature and climate. The necessary systemic change can be achieved through the cooperation of the entire value chain.

A carbon-neutral built environment

In the future, the built environment will no longer accelerate climate change. The energy used by buildings is emission-free and their maintenance is low-emission. Emissions from materials, construction sites, and transport have been cut significantly. A carbon-neutral built environment is possible with the help of new and innovative solutions.

Regenerative business

In the future, business in the real estate and construction industry will revitalise nature. The diversity of nature can be revived with active measures and the use of various nature-based solutions is routine.

Energy-efficient and flexible building stock

In the future, real estate will be an active part of the energy system. Energy is used in moderation and the amount and timing of consumption is adjusted. Energy is produced, recycled, and stored in real estate, where possible.

Construction with sustainable use of natural resources

In the future, the real estate and construction industry will operate according to the principles of circular economy. The life cycles of buildings and infrastructure have been significantly extended. Demolition is only a last resort. If demolished, all building parts and materials are reused and their value upcycled as much as possible. Only a small part of primary materials is used for construction.

What Does FIGBC Offer?

Together with our members, we lead the change of sustainable development in the real estate and construction industry.

We create networks
We gather know-how and best practices. Together, we create a common understanding for solving wicked and systemic problems. By leading the cooperation of our network, we ensure the agile development of the industry and the emergence of new, sustainable business models.

We increase competence
We gather information and make it understandable. Together, we produce information and guidelines for the development of sustainability, which help those working in the industry find the best solutions to support their sustainability goals.

We promote the influence of the industry
We support the industry to join science-based commitments and achieve their goals. Together, we produce a vision of the best possible solutions to support decision-making for all sectors of society.

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