Metrics for circularity

This report constitutes the final delivery of Work Package 3 in the Nordic Network for Circular Construction (NNCC) programme. The programme’s goal is to accelerate the implementation of circular economy practices in the Nordic construction sector. WP 3 aims to develop a joint Nordic monitoring model for circular construction. The present report summarises findings and conclusions from a two-year effort identifying and analysing indicators for circular construction. Stakeholders from the Nordic countries have been involved in discussing the feasibility and relevance of several hundred indicators. 11 indicators have been thoroughly analysed. A strategy for implementation of the new monitoring framework for circular construction is proposed.

The full report is available on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ publishing platform.

Julkaisija(t): Nordic Networks for Circular Construction, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers

Julkaisuvuosi: 2024


Kategoriat: In English, Kiertotalous, Kunnat ja kaupungit

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