Nordic Network for Circular Construction – Final Seminar

tiistai 7.5.2024

13:00 - 15:30

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Welcome! As the project draws towards its completion, we welcome you to hear and discuss the final deliverables and their impacts on the Nordic construction markets. The deliverables include an Analysis on Barriers and Possibilities, a Suggestion for Metrics to be Used in Circular Construction Projects, a Narrative for Nordic Baukultur and a Stakeholders Point of View in Advancing Circularity in the Construction Sector.

The Nordic Networks for Circular Construction project aims at accelerating the implementation of the best practices of circular economy in the Nordic construction sector.The project was founded as a part of Finland’s chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project aims to accelerate circular construction in the Nordic countries through collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and common metrics.

The event will be produced entirely online to allow for pan-Nordic participation and collaboration. We will hear from each work package on their findings and gather to discuss the implications in a panel format. The audience is more than welcome to join the discussions.

Agenda (in Helsinki summer time, UTC+3): 

13.00 Opening words

Harri Hakaste, Ministry of the Environment of Finland

13.10 Analysis of barriers and possibilities for Circular Construction

Hans-Olof Karlsson Hjorth, Boverket

A circular construction sector is one in which every part of the process is rethought to include exploiting the value of the materials already present and ensure that the buildings designed and built today can maintain their value, either as buildings, or in their constituent components. This report explores the current state of and framework conditions for the development of a circular construction sector, and through consultation with the construction value chain, it identifies barriers and opportunities that could support a more circular approach in the circular construction industry.

13.30 Metrics for circularity – how can we measure circularity in construction?  

Bjørn Bauer, Norion Consulting 

Measuring circularity in construction is not a simple matter – stakeholders from the complete value chain will be involved, and we will have to balance the environmental performance of materials used with the envisaged lifetime expectancy of the construction. The project has identified and formulated more than 250 potential indicators, of which 16 were analysed deeply and five were selected by the Nordic Council of Ministers to form a new draft Nordic monitoring model for circular construction. 

13.50 An Invitation to be Exceptional – A Narrative for Nordic Baukultur

Emma Harju, Ministry of Culture and Education of Finland

NNCC WP4 explored the contribution of culture to circular construction. Drawing from the concept of ‘Baukultur’ embedded in the Davos Declaration (2018), the work package examined how the concept has been and could be interpreted in the Nordic context. Through a series of events and consultation, a proposal for a Nordic narrative for Baukultur was developed. This presentation introduces the narrative and considers its input for future deliberations on the intersections of climate, construction and culture.   

14.10 How can we facilitate the reuse of construction materials in the Nordics? Stakeholders’ perspective

Katarzyna Jagodzinska, Grænni byggð 

Several aspects hinder the implementation of circular construction on a larger scale, but what issues should we start solving to enhance it? Questions related to material reuse in construction will be answered in the presentation on the WP6 findings.

14.25 Recommendations for the Continuation of Circularity Work post-NNCC

Otto-Wille Koste, Demos Helsinki

As a part of the NNCC Project, Demos Helsinki has prepared a set of recommendations for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

15.00 Panel discussion with all speakers and time for audience questions

Read more about Circularity here!

Nordic Network for Circular Construction- Analysis of Barriers and Possibilities

Nordic Network for circular construction. Report about barriers and possibilites within circular construction, A state of the art report from the five Nordic countries, The situation in the countries during 2018-2022.

Idea card: How to maximize the recycling rate at a construction site

Idea card for how to maximize the recycling rate at a construction site.

Idea card: How to maximize the recycling rate of a property

This idea card includes tips for property owners, property managers, environmental management companies, tenants and cleaning companies on how to maximize the recycling rate of a property

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